Rightline Attachments: Choosing the Right One for Your Forklift

Rightline Attachments: Choosing the Right One for Your Forklift

Forklifts are powerful machines that are capable of handling large loads. However, they are not made to handle every task. Many times, attachments are required for a specific job. Several different Rightline attachments are available to help forklift operators handle specific types of cargo. It is imperative that the correct attachment is used for different loads. If the wrong attachment is used, it could be lead to a workplace accident in which damages or injuries may occur. Be sure to understand the difference between the various attachments and which tasks they are needed for.

Side Shifters

Side shifters are a very common attachment. In fact, side shifters are standard on most forklifts today. This attachment allows you to shift the forks from left to right to accurately align with the pallet without having to maneuver the forklift. This leads to a reduction in how much fuel is used and limits the wear and tear on your forklifts. Also, because it eliminates the need to maneuver the forklift, loading and unloading times will be much faster.

Fork Positioners

Not all pallets are the same size. Because of this, there are times when the forklift you have cannot fit into the slots of the pallet. But with fork positioners, you can. This attachment allows you to hydraulically adjust the spread of the forks from each other. This way, no matter what the size of the pallet, you can easily adjust the forks to the correct width without getting off the truck. Fork positioners can be equipped with a side shifter as well.

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Paper Roll Clamps

This attachment is most commonly used in the newspaper and paper manufacturing industry, paper roll clamps can handle different sized paper rolls. The clamp is equipped with an automatic pressure regulator to ensure the paper is not crushed. A variety of gripping pads ensure you can handle any type of paper rolls. With the ability to rotate 360 degrees, handling times become much more efficient. (Please note: Not all Paper Roll Clamps rotate)

The Carton Clamp

The carton clamp is an attachment that is mostly used in the beverage and appliance industry. It is meant to handle large rectangular or square objects. The clamps align on both sides of the object, acting like the pieces of bread on a sandwich. No pallets are required when using a carton clamp which has several benefits. Without pallets, there is more storage space to transport objects. The reduced weight from eliminating pallets will result in lower shipping costs and you’ll save money on purchasing new pallets.

Single-Double Pallet Handler

The single-double pallet handler is a convenient attachment that will make your forklifts more versatile. This attachment comes with four total forks. When the task only calls for one pallet to be handled, the four forks come together as two. The forks can be brought together manually or with a hydraulic system. Having four forks gives the operator the option to handle two pallets at once, reducing handling times and doubling your handling capacity.

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Rightline Attachments for Your Forklifts

Rightline attachments can transform your forklift into a versatile handling machine, capable of completing any task that is presented. No matter the shape or size of the object that needs to be handled, there is a perfect attachment for the job. At C&C Lift Truck, our customer is our number one priority. We offer a long list of Rightline attachments that can turn any forklift into a machine that can do the jobs of an entire fleet. We provide strong, durable equipment that is built to hand the toughest jobs. Check out all of the attachments we offer or contact us today to place an order.

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