For over four decades, C&C Lift Truck has been trusted by many organizations to deliver top-notch forklift solutions. Our staff leverages their experience to ensure that your material handling equipment delivers value for your organization. We supply high-quality equipment at cost-effective prices thus ensuring that you get a great return on your investment.

About Delmont

Delmont is a village that lies in the Township of Maurice River. In turn, the Township of Maurice River lies in the County of Cumberland, NJ. Residents of the area use the ZIP Code 08314. Delmont is home to about 2,000 residents and was first settled in the 17th century by European settlers. The area was then known as Ewings Neck after the first settler family in the area.

C&C Lift Truck Offers Affordable Forklift Rental, Maintenance, Repair, Safety Training, and Custom Services in Delmont

If you are looking for cost-effective material handling solutions near Delmont, come to C&C Lift Truck. Here are some of the services that we offer our clients in Delmont.

Affordable Forklift Rental Services in Delmont

Renting material handling equipment comes in handy when you have seasonal fluctuations in the volume of work. If you need extra forklifts, we can help. We have numerous forklifts on standby and which we can avail to you on very short notice. Best of all, you can hire our equipment for the precise period of time that you need them thus saving on costs.

Affordable Forklift Maintenance & Repair Services in Delmont

When you need your material handling equipment to be in the best possible condition, C&C Lift Truck experts are exactly what you need. We fit only certified spare parts and we are very responsive to any service call that you make. We make effective and practical maintenance plans that keep your equipment in the best possible shape.

Affordable New & Used Forklifts for Sale in Delmont

When you are looking for new or pre-owned forklifts, C&C Lift Truck has got your back. You can count on our equipment to deliver value for you as it is of the highest quality. Best of all, our pre-owned equipment is very affordable and will give you many years of trouble-free service. We stock many of the well-known brands so you get the precise forklift model that you are looking for.

Affordable Forklift Safety Training in Delmont

C&C Lift Truck’s safety training programs for forklift operators are designed to minimize accidents in the workplace. We train your staff on-site as per strict OSHA guidelines. This way, forklift operators get practical skills while the program makes your workplace a safer and more efficient place.

Choose C&C Lift Truck for Commercial Forklift & Material Handling Solutions in Delmont

When you need top-notch material-handling equipment solutions, C&C Lift Truck is the first provider to call. We bring years of experience to ensure that you are operating as efficiently as possible. Our staff is always at hand to help you get the best equipment for your needs. We regard all our clients as partners and always strive to offer them value for money.

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