Newport, Cumberland County

At C&C Lift Truck, we are committed to ensuring that you get the best material handling equipment possible. We also back you up with professional repair and maintenance services. This way, you need not worry about your equipment and can instead focus on your core business. At C&C Lift Truck, we also price all our products and services very competitively, ensuring that you get outstanding value for your investment.

About Newport, Cumberland County

The village of Newport is located in the County of Cumberland in the State of New Jersey. The village has a population of about 2,000 people and features colonial architecture in the design of most homes in the area. In the past, the area was famous for its hay which was transported to the surrounding area to act as fodder for cattle.

C&C Lift Truck Offers Affordable Forklift Rental, Maintenance, Repair, Safety Training, and Custom Services in Newport, Cumberland County

Need top-notch material handling equipment near Newport, Cumberland County? C&C Lift Truck has got you covered. Here are some of the services that you can expect from us.

Affordable Forklift Rental Services in Newport, Cumberland County

When it comes to forklift rental services, you can count on C&C Lift Truck for excellent services. We have a large fleet of rental forklifts that is always ready to be dispatched to your site. The fact that we have a wide variety of models means that you are sure to get the exact type of forklift that you are looking for.

Affordable Forklift Maintenance & Repair Services in Newport, Cumberland County

If your material handling facility is plagued with frequent breakdowns, it might be time to get C&C Lift Truck’s preventative maintenance and repair services. Our team of technicians is well versed with all kinds of equipment, giving you the assurance that we will have your forklift up and running in no time. What is even better is that we fit only genuine spare parts thus ensuring that your forklifts stay operational for longer.

Affordable New & Used Forklifts for Sale in Newport, Cumberland County

When you are in the market for pre-owned forklifts, you can depend on C&C Lift Truck for quality material handling equipment. Our technicians carefully check all our forklifts so you can be sure that they are of the best quality. They are also very competitively priced which means you get value while saving a ton of money. We also have a variety of new forklifts from most of the leading brands in the United States and beyond.

Affordable Forklift Safety Training in Newport, Cumberland County

If you are looking for forklift training services, the good news is that C&C Lift Truck has exactly what you need. We leverage our vast experience to ensure that your team can operate forklifts safely and effectively.

Choose C&C Lift Truck for Commercial Forklift & Material Handling Solutions in Newport, Cumberland County

At C&C Lift Truck, we have built our business on developing mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients. This is why you can be sure that we will only ever give you commercially-viable solutions.

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