Why It’s Important For Forklift Operators To Have an OSHA Certification

Why It’s Important For Forklift Operators To Have an OSHA Certification

Forklifts are intricate machines that do complex work. They lift thousands of pounds, maneuver tight spaces, and often handle expensive loads. Forklifts are far more complicated than meets the eye. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a subdivision of the US Department of labor requires forklift operators to get an OSHA certification. But why is this certification so important?

It’s the Law

First and foremost, forklift operators must be OSHA certified because it is the law. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration can fine employers $7,000 if one of their drivers is caught driving without a certification. If that specific case involves ‘obscene negligence,’ the employer can be fined up to $70,000. Another issue with driving uncertified is that insurance companies will probably reject a claim in the event of an accident. That means the employer will have to pay out of pocket for any damages that may have occurred. These fines can put an employer our business. Get OSHA certified, it’s the law.


OSHA didn’t create its guidelines without a reason – the main priority is safety. Every year in the United States, roughly 100 deaths and 30,000+ serious injuries occur due to forklift accidents. OSHA works to reduce these numbers. Not only does a forklift operator need to remain safe, but they also need to protect other employees on the site by operating safely. If a forklift drops a load, it could land on or hit someone, potentially causing serious harm. OSHA certification works to reduce the possibility of injury through the best practices in safety.

OSHA certified forklift training

Often times, people that have been operating forklifts for a long time become complacent or too comfortable when operating the forklift. This may cause them to forget about the pedestrians around them that are not aware of forklift safety regulations. Injuries often occur with experienced operators hitting pedestrians who are not aware of their surroundings. Because of this, it is important for everyone to go through OSHA certification training. It covers laws that operators would not know unless they took the class and it will be a refresher for experienced operators who have become complacent in their job.

Save Money

While worker’s personal safety is a top priority, OSHA certification also helps to save companies money. If a forklift is operated improperly, it can cause accidents that damage potentially expensive products. Forklifts that are constantly misused need to be repaired more often. These expenses can be damaging to a business, especially a smaller business. OSHA training results in fewer accidents, less downtime, and higher efficiency.

Higher efficiency

Meeting OSHA requirements does more than teach forklift operators about safety. OSHA certification involves training on how to be more efficient and productive. The training helps forklift operators to feel confident behind the wheel as they continue to improve their driving and operating skills. Forklift operators learn how to quickly and efficiently maneuver through different scenarios without sacrificing safety. This increased efficiency can help a business increase profits.

Competitive Edge in the Job Market

For those that are applying for jobs in forklift operation, an OSHA certification can give you a competitive edge. Certification shows you have the skills and experience you need for a job in forklift operation. With these skills, companies won’t need to spend as much time training you. This makes you a more valuable candidate, as you are saving the company both time and money. Finally, getting certified shows you are proactive. It lets employers know that you didn’t get certified out of necessity, but out of a genuine interest in the industry.

OSHA forklift certification

OSHA Certification Experts

If you are looking to get an OSHA certification, it’s best to get trained by the experts. C&C Lift Truck is one of New Jersey’s leading forklift dealers, and we recognize the importance of ensuring the safe operation of forklifts on any worksite. We not only supply an inventory of the best new and used forklifts and equipment, but we offer comprehensive forklift safety training that meets OSHA standards and beyond.

We bring the training to your worksite allowing us to teach forklift operators how to stay safe in their own environment. Our courses include informative classroom sessions, interactive hands-on training, and instructional resources. We instruct your operators on forklift inspections, safe operating practices, as well as how to properly handle fuel and batteries. Contact us today to get started.

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