Forklift Purchase Guide & FAQ

Purchasing Forklifts in NJ & NY Has Never Been Easier

Basic Required Information for Purchasing a Forklift:

1) What’s your preferred power type: LPG, Gasoline, Diesel, or Electric

2) What’s your load capacity? (The heaviest weight of your product)

3) How high do you need to lift your product? (15’6″ is average)

4) Do you require a fork clamp for your product?

5) Are you lifting standard or specialized pallets? (Standard pallet size is 40″x48″)

6) Warehouse Dimensions and Obstructions: Smallest door height & width, aisle measurements

7) Will your forklift enter a container? (Average door opening is 96″)

8) Are you operating indoors on a smooth surface or outdoors on rugged terrain?


*If you’re not sure about the type of forklift you need you can contact us or call our Sales Department directly at(732)-588-1500.

What are Electric Forklifts Ideal For?

-Electric forklifts are waterproof and can work outside in the snow and rain

– 12-15 Hour Run Times

– Lighter Capacity Loads (3,000 lbs. – 6,500 lbs.)

– Food Industry, Indoor Manufacturing, Indoor Wholesalers

– Narrow Aisle Applications: 8′ and up aisles

If LPG Forklifts are your choice, first we need to determine which tire type you'll require:

Class 4 Cushion Tire Forklifts Are Ideal For:

– 85% or more indoor usage on a smooth flat surface

– Capacities from 3,000 lbs. – 15,500 lbs.

– Multi-Shift Usage

– Wet or dry environments

Class 5 Pneumatic Tire Gasoline, LPG or Diesel Forklifts Are Ideal For:

– Outdoor usage on more rugged surfaces

– Capacities from 3,000 lbs. – 35,000 lbs.

– Multi-Shift Usage

– Recommended Industries: Construction Companies, Recycling Plants, Building Material Distributors, Other Outdoor Demanding Environments

What Information is Needed When Purchasing or Renting a Scissor Lift?

What’s your working height?

– What’s you approximate capacity?

– How large of a platform do you need?

What's My New Forklift Going To Cost Me?

There factors that directly influence the cost:

– Forklift Type

– Forklift Capacity

– Forklift Options (ie. Mast height, forks, attachments, tires, engine, fuel type, battery, charger etc.)

How Soon Will My Forklift Be Delivered?

New forklifts we have in-stock can be shipped as soon as 2-3 business days, once the credit has been approved and lease documents are available or the purchaser has agreed to the terms of the sale (COD, Long-Term Rental Etc.).

What Are C&C Lift Truck's Financing Terms?

There are two types of credit purchasing options FMV and $1.00 Buyout:

– A Fair Market Value (FMV) lease option is in terms of 24, 36, 48,60 or 72 months. After the lease term is up, the lessee is responsible for the fair market residual amount if you wish to purchase the forklift or return it to the lender.

– A $1.00 Buyout is a lease similar to a finance in which after the lease term is over, you can purchase the forklift for $1.00. Also available in 24, 36, 48, 60, 72-month terms. (ie. 60 Month $1.00 Buyout at $399.99/Month, 61st months payment is $1.00 and ownership is transferred to the purchaser)

*All financing is subject to credit approval.

Does C&C Lift Truck Rent Forklifts and Scissor Lifts?

– We offer short term (daily, weekly, monthly) to long term forklift and scissor lift rentals in NJ & NY with on-site delivery.

LEARN MORE ABOUT EQUIPMENT RENTAL OPTIONS or call our Rental Manager directly at (732)-588-1503

What Types of Forklifts Does C&C Lift Truck Sell?

– Electric Sit Down Riders

– Reach Trucks, Order Pickers, other Narrow Aisle Forklifts

– Scissor Lifts

– Diesel, LPG Gasoline Forklifts

– Rough Terrain 4×4 Forklifts

– Pallet Jacks

– Allied Equipment

– Forklift Attachments

– Certified Used Equipment

Do I Need a License or Certification to Operate a Forklift?

Yes, OSHA mandates that all forklift operators take a forklift operator training course. Our training program takes place at your facility and we train your operators specifically on each type of lift truck they’re using. Our program consists of classroom and hands-on training, where your operators will be instructed on truck inspections, safe-operating practices and safe handling of refueling and batteries. We will issue operator’s licenses and certificates that are recognized by OSHA and your insurance carrier. You can learn more by visiting out Forklift Safety Training Page or calling our Training Coordinator at (732)-588-1500.


For more information about how we can help you get the equipment your business needs, click here or call us 866-770-LIFT(5438). We look forward to serving you.