Important Factors in Planning Forklift Maintenance Schedule

Important Factors in Planning Forklift Maintenance

As a business owner, you know that any disruption to daily workflow is a large inconvenience and could possibly affect you financially. This is why it is imperative to regularly maintain and service every piece of equipment. Forklifts facilitate all functions of heavy moving, making them absolutely essential. While many business owners understand the importance of forklift maintenance, they’re not sure how often it should be done. Here are some guidelines for planning a forklift maintenance schedule.

Age of the Fleet

The age of your forklift fleet plays a large part in determining a maintenance schedule. The industry standard for maintenance is every 200-250 hours of operation. This timeframe decreases with every year that passes. Once your fleet gets to a point where they have issues in between forklift maintenance periods, you should start looking for new units.

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Amount of Forklifts

The amount of units in your fleet also affects forklift maintenance requirements. Businesses that have many forklifts usually have a backup in case of a breakdown. They also have the option of alternating units so one particular forklift isn’t constantly in use. Businesses with only a few forklifts usually push them to the limits and are simply out of luck if one breaks down. By scheduling regular forklift maintenance, you can greatly reduce the risk of one of your units breaking down, potentially bringing business operations to a halt.

Lifts with Attachments

The more complex your forklift is, the more often it should be maintenance. Forklift attachments not only have more parts that can potentially break down, but the attachments are taxing on the transmission and cooling system of a lift. Also, forklifts with attachments typically serve a very specific purpose and a breakdown can shut down that entire aspect of your business.

Replacement parts for attachments are very specialized and are more likely to be out of stock. If one of these specialized units goes down, you may be out of commission for a while. By increasing the frequency of forklift maintenance, these specialized units are more likely to remain operational.

Operating Environment

Do you operate forklifts in an extreme environment? Forklifts that are used in very hot, cold, or dirty environments are more likely to break down. Extreme conditions also put more stress on a forklift. Unless you work in a clean, temperate location like a warehouse, you should schedule forklift maintenance more frequently.

Seasonal Businesses

Not keeping up with a regular forklift maintenance can be even more devastating for a seasonal business. With only a small window to generate revenue, there is no time to deal with a forklift breaking down. Seasonal businesses should make sure to have their forklifts serviced prior to their busy season. Forklifts should also be maintained during the offseason for optimal performance.

Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts are unique in that they don’t have an engine. This can lead to the mistaken belief that they don’t require much maintenance. Actually, electric units need to be regularly monitored for problems such as a weak battery. Over time batteries degrade, leading them to hold a charge for less time or possibly fail to start the forklift. With regular maintenance, you can avoid these issues.

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Plan Your Forklift Maintenance Schedule

Because there are so many factors that determine a forklift maintenance schedule, it’s best to ask the experts about your particular situation. C&C Lift Truck offers award-winning service and can provide the best maintenance plan for you. We will let you know exactly when to service your forklifts to avoid any issues. We also sell, lease, and rent the top brands of both used and new forklifts and equipment. For the very best in forklift service, contact us today.

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  • Toby Ryan
    Posted at 15:34h, 25 March

    I appreciate that you mentioned how you should perform maintenance on your forklift for at least every 200 hours that is is used. My brother is planning on opening a paper distribution company, but he has noticed that the used forklift he bought will no longer lift heavy boxes. Maybe he should find a professional that can help him repair his forklift.