Electric Forklifts For Sale

If you need to use electric forklifts but can’t afford one, there is an alternative. At C&C Lift Truck, we have a fleet of electric forklifts that can be rented for your unique applications. You do not have to make a permanent investment.

What Are Electric Forklifts?

Forklifts vary from units that are electrically-powered to those that are powered by internal combustion engines, which run on petrol, LPG fuels, and diesel. This type of industrial lift truck has vertically-elevating load carriage frames. An electric forklift, as the name implies, is one that runs via electrical power. Some types get their power from external power conveyors like rails and wires, while some operate using rechargeable industrial batteries. Available in 3-wheel and 4-wheel types, these forklifts offer unparalleled convenience when transporting materials over short distances, typically within a factory or a warehouse.

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Why Rent Electric Forklifts?

Great for warehouse and other indoor applications, electric forklifts carry with it the flexibility that you are looking for from a mechanical equipment. Since they have zero emissions, they are considered environmentally-friendly as well. Their motors do not produce any exhaust fumes, unlike those operating on internal combustion engines. This means that you do not have to worry about any health and safety risks associated with their use.

Electric forklifts, like other types of forklifts, cost a significant sum. Investing in one does not necessarily mean purchasing a unit outright. You can conveniently rent this machine and enjoy the many benefits that it offers. Once you have rented one, you do not have to worry about installing expensive ventilation systems within your warehouse, since these forklifts never release fumes where they operate.

What C&C Lift Truck Offers For Electric Forklift Rentals

C&C Lift Truck is a recognized name in the world of forklift rentals, whether you need the diesel-powered version, or you want an electric forklift to assist you in your daily operations within your warehouse. Our fleet will be there to make every task simple for you. You can rent our equipment to meet short-term and long-term demands.

Since the launch of our company, we have already served the needs of municipal, industrial, and commercial service industries. We also make sure that our electric forklifts are serviced by our trained technicians to guarantee maximum performance when serving your needs. This makes our fleet reliable at all times.

If you need an electric forklift to assist you with your emergency or seasonal applications, we offer short-term rental programs. You also have the choice of getting longer term contracts with us. This rental program is perfect for businesses that are having a hard time seeking approval for your capital purchase. We also have a Rent-to-Own option to help lessen financial burdens on your part.


Choose C&C Lift Truck For All Of Your Electric Forklift Rental Needs

At C&C Lift Truck, we always value the needs of our clients when it comes to forklift rentals. We understand how expensive a purchase can be and we have imparted that knowledge to our clients in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York. Apart from electric forklifts, we also have a complete fleet of forklifts to assist you with your business needs. We can help you come up with the best rental decision that will surely benefit your bottom line.

Interested in electric forklift rental? Don’t hesitate to call (866) 942-8991 (LIFT) or complete our RENTAL REQUEST FORM.

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