Forklift Safety Training from Premier Forklift Dealers

As one of New Jersey’s leading forklift dealers, we recognize the role we play in ensuring safe operation on the worksite. Supplying an inventory of the best new and used equipment is only one component within this role. At the dedication of businesses throughout New York and New Jersey, C&C Lift Truck proudly offers a comprehensive forklift safety training program, helping to ensure that your company’s heavy equipment operators comply with strict OSHA standards.

Custom Tailored Forklift Service Programs Designed for Your Business

Forklift operator safety training is not only an essential facet of your team’s safety and success… it’s also a requirement. All industrial truck operators are required by OSHA to be certified on their equipment by somebody qualified to train and evaluate their capabilities. That’s where we come in.

Keeping federal regulations in mind, C&C Lift Truck’s forklift safety program provides a comprehensive safety certification class that is designed to meet the standards set by OSHA while helping your business avoid costly penalties.

Forklift Safety Classes that Come to You

As mandated in OSHA regulations, our forklift safety program takes place at your facility, using your equipment, in the environment in which your drivers work every day. We train each operator on proper safety requirements for every type of material handling equipment you own. Through informative classroom sessions, instructional resources, and interactive hands-on training, your operators will be instructed on:


  • Truck Inspections
  • Safe Operating Practices
  • Proper Handling of Fuel and Batteries

After the successful completion of a written exam and operator evaluation, trainees will receive an OSHA certified training card and signed certificates for your company’s records.

Place a training request to inquire about training your team or contact us to learn more about our certified forklift operator safety training program. We look forward to helping secure your work site.