Mobile Elevating Work Platforms

Aerial work platforms are now replaced by a new terminology called Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWP). They are a type of material handling equipment that is designed to give workers an elevated platform on which to work. When you are looking for MEWPs for your warehouse, C&C Lift Truck has exactly what you are looking for. We sell high quality MEWPs backed by excellent service.

What Are Mobile Elevating Work Platforms?


Mobile elevating work platforms are equipment that are designed to lift personnel and light loads and offer a work space high above the floor of the facility. MEWPs come in many shapes and forms and have different capacities. Some are designed to work indoors while others are fitted with rugged wheels and can function outside as well. MEWPs are useful when performing tasks that require extended stays in an elevated position. They offer adequate deck space for one’s employees and their tools to work comfortably high above the ground.

Mobile Elevating Lift
Mobile Elevating Lift

Why Purchase New Mobile Elevating Work Platforms?


When you purchase new MEWPs, you are guaranteed that they come with no wear and tear. This, in the world of equipment, means that you will enjoy a long product life with very minimal downtime. Buying new equipment is also a cost-saving measure. Not only is the total cost of ownership lower when you purchase new equipment but in some cases, you get tax deductions and warranties on new products that lower both purchasing costs as well as maintenance costs. Finally, when you own a MEWP, you are able to use it in multiple locations and multiple projects without worrying about any restrictions that might exist if it was leased.

What C&C Lift Truck Offers For Mobile Elevating Work Platforms


  • Platform-controlled Mobile Vertical MEWP – These are MEWPs that are designed to work both indoors and outdoors. Also known as scissor lifts, they retract into a compact and wheeled base that is easy to maneuver around tight spaces as would exist in most material handling facilities. There are several scissor lifts models available for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Platform-controlled Mobile Boom MEWP – Articulated and telescopic booms are perfect examples of this type of MEWP. The telescopic variant differs in the height that they are able to reach and vary from 46ft to 141ft. Articulated booms lift loads and personnel to heights that range from 36ft to 141ft. Just like the telescopic boom, the crane retracts into a compact base that can move and turn in tight spaces.
Mobile Elevating Lift
Mobile Elevating Lift

Choose C&C Lift Truck For New Mobile Elevating Work Platforms


Are you looking for competitively priced mobile elevating work platforms from reputable companies that are backed by a solid after-sales service plan? At C&C Lift Truck, we have made it our business to ensure that our clients get the best out of their material handling equipment in Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and Long Island. When you come to us for mobile elevating work platforms, you are guaranteed that we will help you keep the equipment working in top shape. This includes not just excellent service but also training your staff on how to use the equipment which reduces breakdowns associated with mishandling equipment.

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