Pallet Racking Systems Solutions

Are you looking for products that can help you increase the overall efficiency of your distribution center or warehouse? C&C Lift Truck has the perfect solution for you! With our pallet racking systems solutions, you will be able to improve workflow and maximize your warehouse space.


What are Pallet Racking Systems Solutions?

Pallet racking systems allow business owners to expand their warehouse storage spaces in an affordable manner and without any hassle. Common types of pallet racking systems include:

  • Selective pallet racking systems: These are popular pallet racking systems that can be customized to fit any facility layout.
  • Double deep racking systems: These systems work well for businesses that handle large quantities of single SKUs and want to reduce the number of aisles in their facility.
  • Cantilever Racking systems: These systems provide flexible storage, damage control, and easy access benefits for businesses that need to deal with awkward-to-shelve products, such as lumber, tubing, and piping.
  • Flow racking systems: Pallet flow racking systems are often used by businesses that process high-rotation and high-density products. These systems reduce the need for physical handling of the product, thus improving overall operational efficiency.
  • Push back pallet racking systems: This is the ideal pallet racking system for Last In, First Out bulk storage of non date-sensitive products.
  • Pick module racking systems: This system is made for businesses that need to move products in high volume for order fulfillment. Pick module racking systems can optimize the order fulfillment process by integrating conveyors, mezzanines, and racks.
  • Drive-in pallet racking systems: Some businesses need to handle bulk storage of similar products but are restricted by space constraints. Drive-in pallet racking systems allow pallets to be stored deep inside the racking bay, which makes loading and unloading processes significantly easier.
  • Carton Pallet Flow Rack: These systems are perfect for warehouses that need to process numerous SKUs. In addition, business owners can consider installing carton pallet flow racks if they need to achieve First-In/First-Out presentation.
  • Tear Drop Pallet Rack: Tear drops are a common connection style in modern pallet rack systems. This type of pallet rack system is easily identified by the tear-drop shaped holes that are punched into the frame. These systems typically come with various features, including six bend columns, two-inch vertical adjustability, offset anchor holes, large base plates, and 100 percent welded uprights.
  • Wire Mesh Decking: Available in light-, medium-, and heavy-duty grades, wire mesh decking is designed to help reduce pallet hire costs and eliminate doubling handling issues.
  • Stack Racks: If you handle goods that are subject to long-term storage or transportation, installing stack racks is an excellent way to hold or buffer materials during these “downtimes.

Benefits of Pallet Racking Systems Solutions

  • Convenience benefits: Pallet racking systems make it easier for warehouse forklift operators to move pallets to their intended destinations.
  • Safety benefits: Modern pallet racking solutions offer greater stability when handling goods, allowing your workers to avoid on-the-job accidents.
  • Space saving benefits: Pallet racking systems can help create more vertical space in your warehouse, allowing you to store more products. By increasing heavy stock capacity, you will be able to increase your profits as well.

Common Businesses that Use Pallet Racking Systems Solutions

Common businesses that can benefit from using pallet racking systems include:

  • Urban freight distribution businesses
  • Warehousing and bulk warehousing businesses
  • Sortation centers
  • E-fulfillment businesses
  • Cross-docking businesses
  • Light and heavy manufacturing plants
  • Distribution centers
  • Cold storage businesses
  • Intermodal freight transportation businesses
  • … and more!

Choose C&C Lift Truck For Affordable Pallet Racking Systems Solutions Today

At C&C Lift Truck, we offer complete pallet racking system designing and installation services. Our team can determine the best forklift and racking system combo to help our valued clients maximize their storage spaces and increase productivity levels. In addition, we will develop a pallet racking solution that accounts for the movement of your employees and products. Since our inception, C&C Lift Truck has been servicing a wide range of locations, including New York, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and the Long Island area.

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