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At C&C Lift Truck, we are a leading and authorized forklift dealer in New Jersey. Our company offers stellar forklift maintenance services for a wide range of businesses that utilize forklifts and industrial lift trucks. Our maintenance solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of your business. Since our inception, we have always been serious about preventative maintenance. We want our valued clients to get the longest life out of your forklift while lowering the cost. C&C Lift Truck can maintain and service single forklifts or entire forklift fleets.


C&C Lift Truck | Forklift Maintenance Service

Forklifts are like any other industrial equipment. They require regular maintenance in order to stay in service. A forklift maintenance service often comprises the frequent inspection and maintenance of forklifts according to standards and manufacturer’s instructions.


Why Do You Need Forklift Maintenance Service?

Regular maintenance can help you to save money. When your forklift is regularly inspected, you will be able to detect problems early. By fixing small issues, you can avoid major repairs that can cost you thousands of dollars. You should never cross your fingers and hope for the best. Planned forklift maintenance service is the way to go. This way, you will be able to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI) with the lowest cost of ownership. A major benefit of forklift maintenance is that it can happen when it is convenient for your operation. In other words, zero downtime.

What C&C Lift Truck Offers For Forklift Maintenance Service

C&C Lift Truck develops forklift maintenance service programs according to our customers’ unique needs. We offer:

  • Maintenance service training
  • Equipment painting and general cleaning
  • Mobile tire pressing services
  • Full time on-site maintenance technicians
  • Block time maintenance technicians
  • Guaranteed and preventive maintenance
  • Extended warranties
  • Time and materials


Here is a further look at our main forklift maintenance programs:


  • Planned Forklift Maintenance: We can inspect your forklift and perform a 40-point test every 200 hours of forklift use. Alternatively, you schedule this type of maintenance on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis. All service records will be filed electronically, and our company provides a complete review of all of the work we have performed. We can enjoy complete peace of mind that our planned maintenance programs meet all OSHA and ANSI requirements.
  • Forklift Fleet Maintenance: We can service and perform maintenance audits for forklift fleets. If you own five or more lift trucks, or looking to outsource your systems, forklift fleet maintenance services will beneficial for your needs. Our company can perform fleet maintenance at a fixed hourly rate and provide quarterly reports.
  • Full Forklift Service & Maintenance Program: If your company’s forklift hours-of-use exceed 2,000 hours, it is recommended that you consider our full forklift service & maintenance program. It guarantees your maintenance costs from 12 to 72 months and helps you achieve and maintain 100 percent uptime.
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Choose C&C Lift Truck For Forklift Maintenance Service

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C&C Lift Truck was founded in 1977. We have been providing stellar forklift maintenance services for a wide range of clients for over four decades. Our team is comprised of dedicated and highly qualified service technicians. We can provide quick and reliable maintenance services and ensure compliance with service intervals. You will be pleased that our forklift maintenance service packages are also competitively priced.

Want to avoid costly repairs down the road? Contact us or Don’t hesitate to call (866) 770-5438 (LIFT) for more information on our forklift maintenance services!