Payloaders are designed to move cargo through tight spaces and offer greater versatility as compared to forklifts. Are you looking to purchase new payloaders for your warehouse or material handling facility? At C&C Lift Truck, we offer a variety of high-quality payloaders at competitive prices and back them up with superb service thus guaranteeing long and productive life for your equipment.

What Are Payloaders?

Payloaders are light utility equipment designed to move people and loads in warehouses and other facilities. They offer greater visibility and stability, thus significantly reducing the possibility of accidents in the warehouse. They come in a narrow-body design that enhances utility in tight spaces. Finally, their nimble electric engines deliver speed and power at surprisingly low costs.


Why Purchase New Payloaders?

Owning a payloader can be a strategic investment if you have a long term engagement that involves loading and moving materials. This is because buying new equipment reduces the overall cost of ownership of the equipment and thus saves your business money in the long run. In addition, new equipment is often subject to tax deductions meaning that you get great savings on your tax bill. Lastly, when you own the equipment, you have greater flexibility as you can use the equipment in multiple locations and across different projects that you might be undertaking.

What C&C Lift Truck Offers For Payloaders

  • Standard Duty Payloaders – These are designed to carry standard loads and come in a variety of configurations. Models available include the BC2-S-36S, BC2-S-36A, BC2-L-36S, BC2-L-36S, and the BC2-L-36A, which come with a 36-volt electric engine. The models available also include the BC2-S-48A and the BC2-L-48A variants that come with a 48-volt engine.
  • Heavy Duty Payloaders – in this category is the BC4-L-48A heavy duty Payloader that is powered by a 48-volt electric engine.
  • Super Duty Payloaders – Our Super Duty payloaders feature a max speed forward of 12 MPH; a vehicle weight of 1,850 lbs.; a towing capacity of 18,000 lbs.; and 4,000 lbs of rated capacity.


Choose C&C Lift Truck For New Payloaders


When you come to C&C Lift Truck for material handling equipment and personal movers, you are assured that you are working with a reputed partner in the material handling business. We have been serving customers in New Jersey, New York, and Long Island for more than 40 years. In that period of time, we have established a solid base of customers through our reliable and client-focused approach to business.

Even after you buy equipment from us, we are always on standby to help you with service and genuine spare parts from our well-equipped Parts Department. We are keen to ensure that there is minimal downtime for any of the equipment that you purchase and this translates to higher profits for your business. Lastly, when you buy new equipment from us, we will offer training for your staff, ensuring that not only is your new equipment handled properly but that safety is enhanced in your work area.

Are you looking to purchase a new payloader? Don’t hesitate to call us at (866) 770-5438 (LIFT) or complete our new equipment request form.