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The Benefits of Renting a Forklift

While many companies require the use of forklifts during their daily operations, many do not choose to purchase and own their own forklifts. Many business owners actually choose to rent their lifts from a forklift dealer. There are several benefits to renting a forklift instead of buying one. Read on to fully understand why renting a forklift may be your best option.


One of the best parts of renting a forklift instead of buying one is that you won’t have a large upfront cost or fixed term-lease to deal with.

nj forklift rentals

When you buy a forklift, routine maintenance and any issues that may occur with the lift becomes your responsibility. As time goes on the maintenance fees may increase with the normal wear and tear of your forklift. You also have to consider the possibility of your forklift being unusable because repairs are required. You may be required to rent an additional forklift during this time, adding to the unplanned expenses.  It is much easier to budget for rental payments than it is to budget for unexpected issues with a purchased forklift. When you rent a forklift, you don’t have to worry as much about maintenance costs, as the company you rent from will cover all of the maintenance expenses. Remember, this does not include damages caused directly by the customer due to improper use of the machine.  


When purchasing or leasing a forklift, you are set with the type, capacity, and time length.  A change in your operation where a forklift is no longer required or a change in capacity or unit type is needed can cause you to take a write off or leave you upside down on a lease. Renting a forklift will give you much more flexibility to exchange the unit for a different size or type, or return it if it is no longer required. Most forklift dealers allow for a variety of rental periods that include daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term agreements. So depending on your needs, you can rent a certain type of forklift for as long as you require it. Then when you need a different type of forklift, you can start a new rental agreement for as long as you’ll need the new lift. You can continue to do this as you require different types of forklifts throughout your project.

Long-term forklift rental agreements are extremely flexible. With a long-term forklift agreement, you can keep upgrading to a new forklift before the end of its useful life.  As a forklift approaches the end of its economic life, you can swap it out for a new. This is something you cannot do when you purchase your own forklift.  

Try Before You Buy

If you are looking to buy a forklift, renting a forklift first is a great way to test out the product before you make a purchase. Maybe you’re not sure which forklift is best for your overall needs. With the ability to rent forklifts for a short period of time, you can test out multiple types of forklifts. This will help you make an informed decision before making your final purchase. You may come to realize that short-term rentals are actually your best option.

nj forklift rentals

Renting a Forklift in NJ & NY

Now that you understand the benefits of renting a forklift, it’s time to take a look at your options. At C&C Lift Truck, we have a wide variety of units including narrow aisle, sit down, walk-behind, rider jacks, and aerial lifts.  With over 300 LPG, gas, diesel, and electric units available, you are sure to find the right model at the right price to fit your budget. Whether you’re thinking about renting a forklift or buying one, C&C Lift Truck can help you figure out the best options for your business. Take a look at our forklift rentals page to see all of the lifts and equipment available to lease. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today or fill out our rental request form here.

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