Cold Weather Preparations For CLARK Forklifts

Cold Weather Preparations For CLARK Forklifts

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has found that over 10 percent of forklift trucks are involved in workplace accidents per year. Additionally, accidents tend to occur during the winter months when the weather takes a turn for the worst. It is important to note that almost half of these accidents are avoidable, especially when forklift operators receive adequate training. For example, they must know how to operate forklifts and overcome winter hazards such as snow, ice, slippery surfaces and limited visibility. If you own a fleet of CLARK forklifts, be sure to implement the following cold weather preparation tips:

Operator Checklist

Perform Pre-Winter Forklift Maintenance

Pre-winter maintenance is essential for keeping one’s CLARK forklifts functioning properly and safe to use. Breakdowns in cold weather can be costly if you heavily rely on forklifts to keep your operation running smoothly. It is a good practice to inspect one’s forklift before the start of a new shift. In addition, business owners are recommended to develop and follow a comprehensive forklift maintenance plan.

Start by checking the conditions of the batteries, warning lights (change them if they are too dim), and fluid levels. If you spot bodywork problems and/or leaks (even minor ones), it is important to get them fixed without delay. Before operating forklifts in cold weather, it is always worth taking additional safety measures by purchasing C&C Lift Truck’s winter forklift services. We can handle everything and give you complete peace of mind.


Conduct Forklift Safety Training for Employees

Evaluate your team’s capabilities and determine which employees have not been fully trained on operating CLARK forklifts. When it comes to handling forklifts, there are many more skills that one needs to have. Staying safe in winter is one of these skills. It is sometimes difficult for even the most experienced forklift operators to utilize their equipment under harsh conditions.

That’s why C&C Lift Truck specializes in providing expert training on operating forklifts, including refresher courses on working safely in any season. If you need C&C Lift Truck’s instructors to focus more on winter-based forklift safety training, our company also caters to such requests. We provide informative and interactive hands-on training programs that adhere to OSHA regulations, and cover topics on proper battery/fuel handling, safe operating practices, and pre-operation forklift inspections.

For example, C&C Lift Truck’s instructors can teach your employees how to avoid cold starts, adjust driving habits to weather conditions, and cleaning the forklift before the start of each shift.

Have Emergency Forklift Repair Technicians on Standby

Have Emergency Forklift Repair Technicians on Standby

Sometimes your forklifts may still break down even when you take the necessary cold weather precautions. Before problems like these happen, it is important to hire a professional forklift repair service provider. Whether it is a sudden brake failure or a major oil leakage, we have got your back. C&C Lift Truck can respond swiftly to emergency situations and help get your forklifts up and running in no time at all.

With proper forklift safety training, as well as comprehensive repair and maintenance programs in place, you and your operators will be more than ready to tackle any harsh cold weather condition.


C&C Lift Truck has all of the services you may need to prepare CLARK forklifts for cold weather operation. Feel free to contact us today for assistance!

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