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How To Keep Your Warehouse Forklifts In Great Condition

Warehouse forklifts are versatile vehicles that carry out their purpose effectively. They are ideal for transporting items from delivery vehicles and loading and unloading pallets and balanced materials. Many operators enjoy their services but don’t know how to care for them. The results? Wasted time on repairs and money used to purchase a replacement, or even the risk of personal injury. If you purchased a warehouse forklift and have little or no experience with them, here are forklift maintenance tips that you can use:

Check the Tires of Your Forklift Frequently

The tires are one of the most likely parts of a forklift to experience wear. They are subjected to friction for a better part of the day, causing them to lose their tread or chip. No matter how busy you have been, before calling it a day when the sun goes down, make it a point to inspect the tires.

Inspect by performing a visual exam to confirm that the tires have enough tread. In addition, keep an eye out for chunking issues, especially if you are using foam filled tires. Tire chunking occurs when pieces of rubber chip off the tire as a result of driving over debris, and causes excessive bouncing and vibrations in the equipment.

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Perform Forklift Inspection on a Daily Basis

Every part of the vehicle contributes to the smooth functioning of the machine. For the forklift to be at its best, every piece has to be in good condition.

Regular inspection allows you to spot any issues early. For a thorough and fruitful examination, use a standardized checklist. Some of the areas on such a list that require your immediate scrutiny are:

  • Overhead guards and forks
  • Seat belt function
  • Brake performance
  • Water levels
  • Fan belts
  • Oil level and pressure
  • Battery and state of charge
  • Masts
  • Hydraulic controls
  • Steering
  • Hour meters and gauges
  • Horn
  • Tires
  • Lights

Download our Daily Operator’s Checklist Here

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Deal with Issues as Soon as They Appear

Don’t put off any unusual issue that you notice with the machine. If, for example, you notice a tine breaking or bending as you use it, leave everything else, and focus on repairing it. You can as well delegate the task to one of your employees if you have any.

This helps in avoiding serious accidents and preventing bigger issues. Remember, the bigger the problem, the more repair costs will be.

Adhere to the Maintenance Schedule of the Manufacturer

Every forklift has a maintenance schedule that comes from its manufacturer. From the hours of use to oil change durations, you must stick to the schedule it for the good of your vehicle.

When you look at things on a closer level, strict adherence to inspection or service is good for you too. You avoid larger problems that could cost you safety, time, and cash in the long run.
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