How Poor Forklift Maintenance Affects Your Warehouse

How Poor Forklift Maintenance Affects Your Warehouse

Proper forklift maintenance is crucial for the safe operating activities of any warehouse facility. From the pre-shift checks to routine maintenance, there are a lot of precautions that must be taken into account. Even the tiniest issues, when ignored, can turn into huge problems not just for that forklift but for your entire warehouse and the people who work in it. Make sure that you understand the importance of forklift safety and that you are scheduling preventative forklift maintenance whenever necessary. Here are a few things that you should look out for.

Faulty Brakes or Tires

It is very important to check the functionality of your brakes before using a forklift. If it seems like you have to push down harder than usual to fully engage the braking system, this a clear warning sign that something is wrong. Never ignore this problem. Faulty brakes can lead to a plethora of warehouse disasters like racks being knocked over or a warehouse employee being injured.

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Always be aware of the condition of your tires as well. Look out for tire chipping or any visible damage to your tires. Damaged tires can cause warehouse accidents and injuries. Once you notice an issue with the brakes or tires, you should put that forklift out of commission until the problem has been fixed.


Many forklifts, just like cars, emit fumes from their exhaust during operation. These exhaust fumes are made up of harmful air pollutants like nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide. The best maintenance when dealing with forklift emissions is preventative maintenance. Make sure your warehouse is properly ventilated to handle the fumes being emitted. Emission testing should be completed on a regular basis for all industrial powered trucks. Recording exhaust fume measurements will help ensure that you are complying with forklift emission standards.


If you’re not regularly checking the fluids in your forklift, it can lead to a number of issues. Check all of the fluids including hydraulic fluid, engine oil, and transmission fluid. All of these fluids have a specific job and if even one of them is low or empty, your forklift may suffer. Low fluid levels can be the result of a leak. If a leak occurs, it can cause overheating, a fork malfunction or the forklift may even shut down completely. When this happens, all warehouse operations will be negatively impacted. Leaks can also lead to oil being spilled on the floor of your warehouse, which can be a safety hazard for those walking around.

Battery Charging

Whenever you’re working with a forklift battery, be sure to do so with caution. This is especially true in regard to electric forklifts which use lead-acid batteries. Every warehouse should have a designated area for storing, charging or changing batteries. Only specially trained workers should handle forklift batteries. These workers should be properly equipped with protective clothing and gloves when dealing with forklift batteries.

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Preventative Forklift Maintenance for your Fleet

Preventative forklift maintenance is the best way to make sure your forklift or fleet of forklifts is operating effectively and efficiently at all times. At C&C Lift Truck, we offer a variety of forklift maintenance programs to help your business run smoothly. With 40 years of industry experience, we have the knowledge and the skills necessary to keep your forklifts running smoothly. Planned forklift maintenance programs can be custom designed to meet your business’s needs. Whether it’s monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly maintenance being performed, we’ll make sure your forklifts are always in top shape. Fill out our service request form or contact us today for more information.

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