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MEWP stands for Mobile Elevated Work Platforms and this type of equipment is used to help workers operate on places that are elevated such as roofs and high shelves. Before the advent of MEWPs, workmen would have to work from ladders and other unsafe equipment. Such rudimentary equipment not only posed safety risks but could also be problematic to use. For example, the workmen had no space for any tools and often had to carry those in their person. With the invention of MEWPs, workmen could operate at elevated levels for longer and carry with them all sorts of tools.

Although MEWPs are significantly safer than ladders, they are not completely risk-free. For this reason, training your staff on how to safely operate MEWPs can be of great benefit to your business. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in proper MEWP training.

Reduces Workplace Accidents

Given the very nature of MEWPs, there is always a risk of falls which may cause serious injuries. Investing in proper MEWP training ensures that such accidents are kept at a minimum. Safe use of MEWPs and fewer accidents helps to increase productivity as it means there are fewer risks and interruptions to your operations.

Increases Employee Productivity

MEWP training ensures that you get the best from your employees. When accidents occur, it often means that the affected employee has to be temporarily replaced. This means that you have to invest in a new employee or train someone else to take their place. The net result is lowered productivity as well as increased training costs. Unsafe workplaces are also bad for employee morale especially if such accidents occur due to lack of proper training. By investing in MEWP training, you raise your employee’s morale by showing them that you care for their safety.

Reduces Equipment Damage

When you invest in MEWP training, you significantly reduce the chances of your precious equipment being damaged. For example, if a MEWP topples over, not only is it likely to get damaged but it is also likely to damage property and structures. Repair costs for such damages can cost you a fortune and have a negative impact on profitability. It makes much more sense to invest in MEWP training. Even if accidents do not occur, improper use of MEWPs can still cause damage to the equipment and increase your repair bills.

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Reduces Insurance Costs

If your workplace becomes prone to accidents, it is likely that your insurance provider will increase the premiums that you pay. With proper training and fewer accidents, you are unlikely to pay higher premiums and this is great for your bottom-line.

Improves Quality of Work

Proper use of MEWPs means that your workers can utilize these elevated platforms to their full potential. This in turn not only increases the return on investment but also ensures that the resulting work is of excellent standards. With proper training, your employees can know when and where to use MEWPs and this shows in the work done. Good quality work in turn means more repeat customers, more word-of-mouth referrals, and ultimately greater profitability.

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