Margate City, Atlantic County

When it comes to outstanding material handling equipment, you can trust C&C Lift Truck to ensure that your facility has the best equipment. The fact that we carry many different brands in our showroom means that you can easily compare different brands in order to arrive at the very best. We have years of experience working with material handling facilities such as yours and thus you can depend on us to make your operations as optimal as possible.

About Margate City, Atlantic County

The city of Margate is home to about 7,000 people and is located in the County of Atlantic, NJ. The city was founded in the 18th century and has a mixed economy. While most parts are residential, the city also has a diverse economy. The main driver of the economy is tourism although there is some light manufacturing that takes place in the city as well.

C&C Lift Truck Offers Affordable Forklift Rental, Maintenance, Repair, Safety Training, and Custom Services in Margate City, Atlantic County

C&C Lift Truck has got you covered if you are in the market for material handling equipment in Margate City, Atlantic County. Here are some of the services that you can expect from us.

Affordable Forklift Rental Services in Margate City, Atlantic County

When you need affordable forklift rental services, C&C Lift Truck is your best bet. We have a large fleet of rental equipment that is always ready to be deployed to your facility. You are also likely to love our rental terms which are super convenient. For example, you can rent equipment for days, weeks, or months. This makes it cheaper for you to rent forklifts as you only get to keep them for as long as you need them and not a day more.

Affordable Forklift Maintenance & Repair Services in Margate City, Atlantic County

If you are worried about your forklifts breaking down often, C&C Lift Truck has the perfect solution for you. We have a great repair and maintenance team who are well versed with most forklift brands, We also fit genuine spare parts which further assures you that your forklifts are in the right hands. Our team is always responsive to service calls and we will get your broken-down forklift going in no time at all.

Affordable New & Used Forklifts for Sale in Margate City, Atlantic County

New or used forklifts are easy to get at C&C Lift Truck. The fact that our used forklifts typically cost far less than the new ones means that you get great value for your money. This is because they are of the highest quality and will give you many years of service. Our team will also help you to make the most optimal decision when it comes to purchasing the right equipment.

Affordable Forklift Safety Training in Margate City, Atlantic County

Forklift safety training has never been easier than with C&C Lift Truck. We offer all the training on-site, which means that your staff gets to practice in their work environment. It also means that your facility stays in compliance with OSHA regulations as well.

Choose C&C Lift Truck for Commercial Forklift & Material Handling Solutions in Margate City, Atlantic County

When only the best forklifts will do, come to C&C Lift Truck. We focus on helping our clients to thrive, which is why we will always give you commercially viable solutions. For the last four decades, we have strived to build mutually-beneficial partnerships with all our clients.

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