There are many reasons why a business may need to have a forklift in the facility. It is an easy way to work around the material handling needs in your daily operation. Whether you need to purchase or rent a forklift for your business in the Marmora area, know that you have C&C Lift Truck to ensure that you get the right equipment that you need to make your business grow.

About Marmora

Marmora is an unincorporated neighborhood in Upper Township, Cape May County, New Jersey. It has only about 4,420 population back in the 1990s. Although Marmora does not have well-known attractions, it has clean beaches, charming gardens, and dainty coffee houses. There are also interesting shops and places to see, such as the Ocean City Beach and Ocean City Boardwalk.

C&C Lift Truck Offers Affordable Forklift Rental, Maintenance, Repair, Safety Training, and Custom Services in Marmora

C&C Lift Truck believes that to be a good player in the industry, you have to be armed with the essential tools of the trade. Here is a preview of what services we provide for clients in Marmora:

Affordable Forklift Rental Services in Marmora

When you suddenly have an increased demand for forklift on a very short notice, it is a sign that your business is booming. C&C Lift Truck provides the equipment you need for the time that your facility needs it.

Affordable Forklift Maintenance & Repair Services in Marmora

Downtime is a reality when you are working with forklifts. C&C Lift Truck employs factory trained mechanics to perform complete repairs either at your location or in our shop. We also provide planned maintenance that may be scheduled monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Affordable New & Used Forklifts for Sale in Marmora

When you notice that you consistently need to handle unusual loads in the facility, then maybe it is time to consider purchasing your own forklift. C&C Lift Truck is the partner that you can trust to help you determine which type, brand, and other forklift specifications will be most helpful for your business. We have a large fleet of both new and used forklift units in stock.

Affordable Forklift Safety Training in Marmora

At C&C lift Truck, we take safety very seriously. Because we are in the business of leasing and the sales of forklifts, we also offer safety training classes. This is to ensure that our clients will meet OSHA forklift training requirement standards for a safe and accident-free work environment. Our instructors prepared specialized training videos and training program to give the operators the necessary knowledge and skills in the proper operation of your equipment.

Choose C&C Lift Truck for Commercial Forklift & Material Handling Solutions in Marmora

Be prepared for any huge project at hand! C&C Lift Truck has an impressive line of Hangcha, CLARK, and other brands of forklifts that are reliable for a wide range of material handling needs. We offer forklift solutions, such as rentals, sales, repairs, and operator trainings, that will support the growing needs of your business.

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